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Navaswann Programs are for CEO's, Executives, Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Professional Athletes, Celebrities, Philanthropists, and other Individuals who desire to experience Life as an ever-changing state of Grace, Beauty, and Love.  Our customized programs and private retreats are offered at beautiful destinations around the Globe and are suitable for those who desire to shift their lives to reawaken the Dream of Inner Peace, Loving Connection, Gratitude, Joyful Ease, and Sweet Beauty.

Many of our Clients vacation at the world’s top resorts and spas on a regular basis, partaking in the therapeutic benefits offered to the Body, the Mind and the Spirit.  However, when they leave the sanctuary of their retreat and return to their lives, their troubles often resurface. 

Navaswann Private Retreats and Customized Programs leverage the benefits of the “retreat”--being away from habits and routines--and guide Clients in calling forth how it feels to live in this “Spa Mindset” while being present and productive on a daily basis.  This allows our Clients to make choices in alignment with new intentions and desires for a New Dream or life experience.

Surrounded by stunning elegance, in locations where service and luxury are second only to the natural beauty of the surrounding environment, Clients begin to unwind and release the restraints they’ve placed upon themselves in their lives.  Our team re-awakens the wisdom within each individual, returning them to their homes with a changed perspective and tools for continued growth.  With the support of telephone consultations and follow-through on their individualized action plan, our Clients will not regress to old patterns that created stress and dis-ease in their lives. Our Clients begin to dream a New Dream, continuously creating their lives through loving kindness and generosity of spirit. For information on upcoming dates and locations, contact Darla@Navaswann.com.

Navaswann Private Retreats and Customized Programs are designed exclusively for Clients desiring cutting edge, holistically oriented services.  Our unique approach conveniently and discretely addresses the needs and desired outcomes of our Clients.  If you are an individual, a private retreat will be customized to meet your specific goals.  If you are a business, a private retreat will be tailored to your group.  If you are a family, a private retreat will be catered to enhance and improve your families’ dynamics and connection.  Each program includes daily Yoga & Meditation, small group instruction & spiritual dialogue, individual sessions including options for Asian Medicine, Energy Healing, Body Work, EEG Biofeedback / Neurotherapy, Mindfulness & Relaxation Training, Performance Training, and Personal or Business Consultation. For a complete list of services, please see our Service Options.

Awaken the Wisdom Within and Experience Your Heaven As Earth!

Your Private Retreat and Customized Program may fall under one of our most popular program tracks, which can provide the structure and foundation for health realization and professional attainment:

Living The Dream: Optimizing Personal & Professional Well Being is for Clients who are already thriving but looking to optimize their experience and be on the leading edge in Health, Sports Performance, Business, or Philanthropy. Read More >>

Developing Vision: Creating A Path for Well Being & Success is for Clients who desire a New Vision and/or Direction in Life - one that exemplifies health & happiness in personal and/or professional arenas. Read More >>

Regaining Balance: Establishing Equilibrium, Resolving Challenges, & Starting Fresh is suitable for clients adjusting to changing life circumstances, such as a new baby, divorce, death of a loved one, serious illness, retirement, or menopause. This track is also for those just getting back on their feet and looking to be free from patterns of Substance Abuse & Dependency, Compulsive Behaviors, Mental Health Symptoms and/or Relationship Discord. Clients experiencing active substance abuse and dependency may be referred to a higher level of care for detoxification and medical stabilization. Read More >>