Regaining Balance:

Establishing Equilibrium, Resolving Challenges & Starting Fresh

Navaswann offers a program for individuals and their families who are experiencing physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual dilemmas. Our Clients desire to resolve personal tribulations and return to a state of balance, where they feel grounded and have the energy to start fresh. This program offers clients an opportunity for new beginnings, assisting them with major life issues and transitions such as divorce, the death of a loved one, retirement, having a new baby, Empty Nest Syndrome, parenting a difficult child or adolescent, re-entering the workforce, recovering from substance abuse and mental health issues, and many more critical situations and circumstances.

Navaswann’s Regaining Balance Programs assist clients with the following:

  • Developing Healthy Strategies to Eliminate Stress & Burnout
  • Recovering the Physical and Mental Resources to Overcome Exhaustion
  • Alleviating Anxiety & Depression through Awareness & Mindfulness Tools
  • Stabilizing the Biochemical Factors that Result in Mood Swings
  • Identifying Sources of Anger & Behavioral Disturbances and Healing Old Wounds
  • Understanding Compulsive Behaviors, including Substance Abuse, Eating Disorders, Relationship Addiction, Gambling and Shopping Addiction
  • Developing Tools to Eliminate Old Emotional & Behavioral Habits and Patterns
  • Improving Communication Skills to Resolve Relationship Discord and Family Chaos
  • Settling the Physical & Emotional Reactions to Chronic Pain, Personal Injury or Health Related Issues

Navaswann has specialized services to support and strengthen Addiction and Mental Health Recovery. We view dependency upon drugs and alcohol, compulsive behaviors, and unhealthy relationship patterns, as adaptive responses that attempt to alleviate symptoms caused by either:

  • A Physiological Issue in the Body and/or A Chemical Imbalance
  • Unresolved Issues from the Past
  • Poor Coping Mechanisms for the Stresses In Life and/or
  • Irrational and Distorted Thoughts and Beliefs

Our Regaining Balance Programs address the underlying causes of dependency and assist our Clients in transforming their lives from chaotic and painful, to free and peaceful. Most of our clients are in the public’s eye, and are struggling to maintain direction and integrity while the pressures in their lives keep building to a point of feeling insurmountable. We help our clients find new direction and resolution when they are headed toward physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dissolution.

Navaswann’s Private Retreats and Customized Programs offer a variety of services designed to return our Clients to a state of balance and internal peace & harmony. We work with our Client’s to fortify their commitment to living well, free from patterns of abuse and dependency. We provide a bridge during the critical early stages of “clean” living – living without the habit. There are few programs that can report lasting results with their clients because they fail to get to the root of the issue, instead, just treating the symptoms. Our program is committed to getting to the heart of the matter so that true and lasting freedom can be experienced. We not only believe in a cure, we know that All Is Well…

The leading cause of “relapse” - returning to old patterns and behavioral habits - is people’s beliefs that relapse is inevitable, and consequently not believing in themselves, as “healthy & well”. Navaswann’s Programs support the true healing and lasting recovery as we faithfully remind our Clients that they are well – that they are not damaged. We help them understand the patterns and habits that resulted in their undesired behaviors and relationship patterns. We work with our clients to dismantle the beliefs that created negative emotional experiences. Our structure & guidance supports positive outcomes and provides a solid foundation for advancing to our Developing Vision or Living the Dream Programs.

Navaswann’s Private Retreats and Customized Programs are one of the few of its type that taylors the program specifically to each client in attendance. Our Programs include telephone follow-up which allows clients to feel supported as they put into practice the new skills and insights they obtained while in a retreat.